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  • We are the top branded refurbished and standard repair and service company in Coimbatore, Saravanampatti.

Our laptops are refurbished with good quality and lowest price compared to other companies. We deal with secondhand and republished laptops and PCs and all new accessories of laptop and computers, all branded laptops are available here HP, Lenovo, Apple, Intel, Dell, Acer.


  • Buy mobiles and get services for your branded mobiles at the lowest price.

We are fully pledged to give services for your laptops, mobiles, and desktops that your need. Our experienced technician diagnose the problem with your mobile and fix it on your door step.

silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room
silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room


  • We are providing our quality services and products to our customers at the lowest considerable price.

We dedicated our services to quality Pc services. Buy Computers / Get Free Service ultimately. We test the condition of the computer when we receive them from customers to find out the problems. Best place to buy your accessories.

Quality Product

All our electronic products are goes through multiple tested products before comes to your hand.

Client Service

We are fully pledged to work to give our 100% to our customers.

Product Warranty

We provide one year warranty for all new desktops and laptops. Offering a quality service.

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Call - +91 88 70 70 88 83